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Welcome to the Heart of the Myrtlewoods.

The City of Myrtle Point lies in the south central portion of Coos County, Oregon in the foothills of the Coast Range. Myrtle Point is situated along the South Fork Coquille River, downstream from its confluence with the Middle Fork and just upstream from its confluence with the North Fork Coquille River. The City covers an area of 1.62 square miles and sits on a promontory, 92 feet above sea level, overlooking the Coquille River Valley. Myrtle Point is located approximately 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

With a population of 2,514, Myrtle Point offers small town living with easy access to the Oregon coast and outdoor activities. The City has been nicknamed the “Hub of Coos County” due to its central location and its role as a gateway to Oregon’s South Coast via Highway 42. Visitors to the Pacific Ocean pass through Myrtle Point to access ocean beaches. The proximity of Myrtle Point to the Coquille River and the Coast Range mountains makes the community a favorite destination among hunters and anglers.

The timber and agricultural industries have historically provided Myrtle Point’s economic lifeblood. In 2013, the Myrtle Point School District is the City’s largest employer. Many residents opt to live in Myrtle Point while traveling to Coquille and the Coos Bay area for employment.


Located in the Coquille River Valley, Myrtle Point’s climate is generally moderate, due to the maritime effect of the Pacific Ocean while being buffered from the more extreme storms often seen on the coast. The City does not experience the more extreme temperatures experienced in the central valleys of Oregon. The average high monthly temperatures range from 55 degrees in January, to 73 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August.

Spring weather in Myrtle Point can be unpredictable, alternating between rain showers to blue skies in minutes. Summers are sunny and breezy with little rainfall. Myrtle Point autumns are cool, crisp and golden. As is typical of coastal communities in the Pacific Northwest, Myrtle Point experiences a fair amount of rain beginning in late autumn and lasting through spring. Average annual rainfall in Myrtle Point is 55.59 inches, with December as the wettest month.


The population of Myrtle Point in 2010 was 2,514. This is a 2.5% increase over the 2000 population of 2,451.

The average age of Myrtle Point residents in 2010 was 44.9 years. The median age of residents was 40.9 in 2000.

The median household income in 2011 was $31,066. In 1999, the median household income was $27,536.

The median value of an owner-occupied home in Myrtle Point is $145,200 in 2011. That is an increase of $63,500 from 2000, when the median value of a home was$81,700.


The Myrtle Point School District (MPSD)

The Myrtle Point School District (MPSD) is a learning community that includes the Myrtle Crest School (grades K-6) and Myrtle Point High School (grades 7-12). School district offices are located at the Maple Street Building.

The District provides students with the basic tools needed to become strong citizens, valued employees, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow as well as a full menu of music, arts, athletics, special needs services, extracurricular activities, transportation and food services.

Myrtle Point School District Profile

Myrtle Point High School Profile


The medical needs of Myrtle Point residents are met by a number of service providers. Family practitioners, dentists and other clinical services are located in Myrtle Point.

The Coquille Valley Hospital in Coquille provides a wide range of services to residents of the area, including 24-hour emergency, medical, surgical, obstetrical, and pediatric care. Also offered are an extensive array of clinical support services. The hospital is located just 9 miles from Myrtle Point and offers the warmth and comfort of a community hospital with superior care and state-of-the-art technology. Hospital staff includes doctors representing most medical specialties.

Nursing home care, personal care homes and adult day care are also available to Myrtle Point residents.

Coquille Valley Hospital


Myrtle Point offers a unique blend of housing and lifestyle options, from historic and stately Victorians, to apartment complexes along major arterials.

Relatively inexpensive land and housing are available within easy commuting distance to any employer within Coos County. Single-family detached homes in the area typically range from low $100,000’s to several hundred thousand dollars, depending upon size, acreage and location. Manufactured homes typically average around $50,000.

Rental units range from around $500 a month and range up to more than $1,000 a month for single-family homes. Most rentals are managed by property management agencies in the area.

History is important to Myrtle Point residents and several Myrtle Point houses are registered on the National Historic Register. Preservation incentives are available to assist owners in defraying the cost of restoration and maintenance. Beautiful period homes can be found among mature myrtle trees throughout the community. Some of the finest examples of Victorian homes in the area are located in Myrtle Point. (See pictures at the bottom of this page)


  • Myrtle Point Herald
    408 Spruce Street (P.O. Box 606)
    Myrtle Point, Oregon 97458
    (541) 572-2717
  • The Coos Bay World
    350 Commercial Street
    Coos Bay, Oregon
    (541) 269-1222
  • KDOCK 92.9 FM Classic Hits
    3120 BroadwayNorth Bend, Oregon 97459(541) 269-0929
  • KCBY-TV3451 BroadwayNorth Bend, Oregon 97459 (541) 269-1111

Arts & Culture

See the Visitor’s section for links to events, museums, and recreation in Myrtle Point.


  • Coquille Valley Elks Golf Course
    54942 Maple Heights Rd.
    Myrtle Point, OR 97458
    (541) 572-5367
  • Coos County Parks
    1309 West Central
    Coquille, OR 97423
    (541) 396-7759
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