The City of Myrtle Point owns and operates water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment facilities to serve the needs of the community.

Water Treatment and Distribution

The Water Treatment Plant is located at the east end of Maple Street. Water is filtered and disinfected in accordance with public health rules to provide for the safety of the Myrtle Point community. Water storage is provided in two large tanks located adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant from which it is distributed to the city by gravity. The water distribution system includes a network of pipes throughout the city to convey potable water to homes and businesses.  Data related to the water treatment and distribution system is available online from the Oregon Health Authority here.

For additional information about your drinking water see the 2017 Annual Water Quality Report below.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Wastewater from homes and businesses is collected in a network of gravity pipes and conveyed to the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on River Road north of the Spruce Street Bridge. In addition to the gravity pipes, the City of Myrtle Point operates three wastewater pumping stations to serve areas otherwise not serviceable by gravity. Wastewater from the city is treated and disinfected prior to its release into the South Fork Coquille River adjacent to the treatment plant. The Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as collection and pumping system, is regulated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Other Utilities

For other utilities see the following page: Utility Services


Contact City Hall with questions or comments at (541) 572-2626 or by email.

Supporting Documents

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