City Hall

Welcome to the Heart of the Myrtlewoods.

This page directs you to the City administration, City Council and Mayor, City boards and committees and City departments.
The City Manager and his staff administers all City business.
The City Council is comprised of seven elected officials, including the Mayor.
The City of Myrtle Point maintains a number of committees that support the business of the City.
Parks and recreation staff coordinate youth sports in Myrtle Point and operate City recreational facilities.
The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for planning the physical growth and development of Myrtle Point.
The City of Myrtle Point offers police, fire and ambulance service to its residents and visitors.
Public Works is the work force that keeps Myrtle Point well-maintained.
The City of Myrtle Point owns and operates water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment facilities to serve the needs of the community.

Contact City Hall at (541) 572-2626 or by email with questions or concerns.

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